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Pelvis repair, pretty mom to save your big ass
Release time: 2019/09/05
What is pelvis


The pelvis is a bony basin consisting of two large pelvic bones connected at the base of the spine (sacrum), called the sacroiliac joint。The junction of the pelvic bones, with a joint in the front, is called the pubic junction。Below the spine, the sacrum, are four small bones that form the tailbone。


The female pelvis is the cradle of the fetus,Every woman's pelvis is different in size,The weight of the fetus after pregnancy and the amount of amniotic fluid,And how much weight you gain,Before pregnancy, a woman's uterus is the size of an egg,The uterus enlarges 1,000 times between pregnancy and birth,The corresponding weight of the pelvis increased by at least 1500 times,The pelvic load is the same whether it's a vaginal birth or a planing birth,The toughness of the pelvic floor muscles is impaired as well,What women can see after pregnancy and after breastfeeding are changes in their external body shape and breasts,In fact, the internal pelvic and pelvic floor muscle damage is far greater than what you can see externally,The uterus can return to its pre-pregnancy size at 42 days postpartum,But there's no way the pelvis can reposition itself,The pelvic floor muscles are attached to the pelvis,You want to have a nice butt,No inflammation in gynecology.,The vagina feels firm,Pelvic return is preferred!


When giving birth, the pelvis should be open, the baby can successfully pass through the birth canal, but at the same time, it also opens the mother's pelvic cavity, so that the pelvis is shaped, if it is not closed in time, it will form postpartum PP!




At the same time, waist ache, leg pain, walking difficulties, urinary tract infection, urinary incontinence, vaginal relaxation and a series of problems come one after another, constantly bothering you。




Beautiful mother ten years post-natal repair,After years of clinical clients with pelvic symptoms,Invite a team of deeply funded experts and professors to develop a three-dimensional pelvic correction,Pelvic symptoms vary from client to client,3D fixed point recovery is different,Professional manipulation + pelvic repair instrument let you see the results,Crotch targeting,Uneven leg,Pelvic effusion,Pelvic inflammation,Vaginal relaxation,阴吹,metroptosis,Mom hip waiting for customers to recover!From the root to restore the original form of the mother's pelvis beauty, but also to help the mother regain health and confidence。


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