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Enterprise purpose:Seek development for employees, seek value for enterprises, seek welfare for society and seek health for mankind
Corporate Vision:To create the first brand of home medical equipment industry, to create a traditional Chinese medicine culture promoter。
Education concept:Develop followers into leaders
Enterprise mission: Care for life, care for health,Safeguard the cause of human health
Promotion conceptThe almighty, the ordinary let, the mediocre under
Management philosophy:Obedience first, ability second, one for all and all for one
Business philosophy:All deals are made for love
Service conceptCustomer demand is our pursuit, everything for customers, everything for customers

Enterprise style: No excuses, act now, never give up
Corporate values:Development is the top priority, talent is the top resource, and innovation is the top driving force
Confucian culture: Filial piety, loyalty, faithfulness, courtesy, righteousness, integrity, shame
Corporate culture:Gratitude culture,Filial piety culture, family culture, military culture, learning culture, mentoring culture, mentoring culture, greeting culture, giving culture
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