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Sichuan Shengkun Health Management Co., LTD
Address: 4th Floor, Building 3, Diou Times, No. 1 Xingke Middle Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
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After-sale service

Service tenet: Customer satisfaction as the center, to perfect after-sales service system as the guarantee。

Service concept: Serve customers wholeheartedly。

Basic information: The company has local offices in various provinces and cities, and can directly call the local service telephone for consultation。

The headquarters of the company is responsible for the construction and improvement of the nationwide sales and service network in order to provide users with quality service。

The company headquarters has a direct dial telephone, please refer to the customer service card included。

Warranty regulations: Perfect after-sales service is one of the core work of the company。

    Thank you very much for purchasing our products, our company will implement three years of free repair for the sold products (from the date of purchase, under normal conditions of use)。Please take the warranty card to the nearest retail unit or local institutions and head office free repair or replacement, you can also directly mail to the company headquarters, the address is detailed on the back cover of the manual。During the warranty period, free repair or replacement, over the free repair period, the company only charges the cost of spare parts, the company is responsible for the return mailing cost。

Chengdu after-sales telephone: 17323242652
Address: 4th Floor, Building 3, Diou Times, No. 1 Xingke Middle Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Product registration number specific inquiry method announcement:
Enter the "State Food and Drug Administration" (official website:“Click "Medical Devices" at the top right of the page,Click "Domestic equipment",Enter the product registration certificate number "Word 20182090027" in the blank of the "Quick query" column and click on the microcomputer pulse therapy instrument,"Guangzhou Kangzheng Economic and Technological Development Co., LTD,The result of the query will come out,It has detailed information about the company's products。

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