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The company donated medical equipment to Shangnan County
Release time: 2018/03/06
The company donated medical equipment to Shangnan County

On the afternoon of November 1st,A medical equipment donation ceremony was held at Shangnan County government Square,Liu Hua, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee presided over,Cui Huafeng, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee, delivered a welcoming speech,Quan Qiangsheng, deputy director of the county People's Congress, Ke Changyin, deputy chairman of the county CPPCC, Liu Yong, director of the county Health and Planning Bureau, Wang Guodong, chairman of Shanghai Ruiyuan Biotechnology Co., LTD., attended the donation ceremony。

At the donation ceremony, on behalf of the county Party committee and the county government, Mr. Cui expressed his gratitude to Comrade Wang Guodong, chairman of the Shangnan Entrepreneurial Outstanding People Company, for donating 100 sets of mid-frequency microcomputer acupuncture treatment equipment worth 200,000 yuan to our county。It is pointed out that his entrepreneurial success does not forget his hometown and actively returns the society, which is a great love for patients recovering from chronic diseases, a strong support for the development of medical and health undertakings in our county, and a strong promotion of health poverty alleviation work in the county。Medical personnel in the county are required to cherish these equipment and better provide quality medical services for patients recovering from chronic diseases。
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