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Chengdu Shiruida Biotechnology Co., LTD. 2017 outstanding employee commendation and 2018 launch
Release time: 2018/03/06
Chengdu Shiruida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2017 outstanding employees commendation and 2018 launch conference

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, the company's annual meeting also officially began on February 25, 2018。Under the precise arrangement of the company, the 2018 excellent employee commendation and 2018 launch conference were held on February 25, 2018。All Shiruida family gathered together in Tianfu New District Shangcheng 18 steps Island to carry out the conference, our mood is extremely proud and excited。The huge conference scene has encouraged the morale of employees, inspired the morale of employees, and improved the overall quality of all employees。Here I would like to thank the family members in front of the stage and behind the scenes for their careful planning, thank all the leaders for their selfless dedication, thank all the hosts for their efforts, and thank all the family members for their input。
Participating in the conference are: Southwest Marketing Director Zhu General, Southwest Marketing Director Wan General, Southwest Kang Minister, Southwest Wu Minister, Southwest Yang Minister, and all managers and staff。After Minister Kang's opening speech, we sang the team song and the national anthem。We shout the corporate oath, we shout the morale broadcast。Under the review of Mr. Wan and Mr. Zhu, we successfully completed the potential air broadcast and showed the style of the department。
The next 23 speakers demonstrated their personal confidence and the excellence of the department。Director Wan's speech: "Happiness is a struggle"。We should bear in mind the instructions of the total, on the way to struggle for the cause。Your tears and sweat are worth it。We are not afraid of the heat, not afraid of the cold。For the glory of the light, for the expectations of parents, for the pride of leadership。For the sake of their own excellence, in 2018, every one of our family members will work together to forge ahead。
In the strategic planning of Director Zhu Yupeng, it is important to mention the welfare of employees and the future goals of the company, as well as the work plan for this year。We saw how big the company was。I feel the company's consideration of the welfare of each employee, and I feel the selfless care of the leadership for us, so that employees feel practical and feel the hope of struggle。Walking on the road of the Belt and Road, we need to train our skills, train the heart of talent, and make a modest contribution to the development of the company。
Wan and Zhu total foresight, that is, the stage of the managers of the sail driven。2018 Shireda will be full of glory。
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