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The future development of medical and health industry will form five trends
Release time: 2016/11/01
With the continuous improvement of the national economic level, the public's requirements for medical health are getting higher and higher。The medical and health reform has encountered "bottleneck", this "bottleneck" is the fierce conflict between the rigidity of the medical and health system and the diversity of people's health requirements, and the comprehensive reform of the health industry has been urgent。Industry insiders believe that the future development of medical and health industry will form five major trends。

  In the future, the development of medical and health industry will form five trends:
  First, the joint-stock reform of the hospital and the construction of community health institutions。The protection of people's health depends on the mechanism and the financial resources, and the current situation is that the mechanism is not flexible and the financial resources are not sufficient, mainly reflected in:
  1. Hospital construction depends on patients。More than 90% of the outpatient and inpatient buildings of hospitals in the country are built by bank loans,The patient is responsible for all loan repayments,Patients pay public hospital staff to become hospital "associate shareholders",Public hospital staff are the only beneficiaries of the expanding scale of hospitals,And the burden on patients is growing year by year,The hospital is called "non-profit."。
  2. "Public hospitals" are raised by patients,In fact, hospitals are not public welfare,More than 90% of the salaries and bonuses of public hospital staff across the country are paid by hospitals' profits,Not a financial appropriation,Its nature is not fundamentally different from that of western private hospitals,Patients have been suffering from high medical costs for years,Public hospital staff have been Shouting "poor" and "oppressed" for years.,This contradiction has not been resolved。
  3. At present, the core of China's basic medical insurance system is "take from the people, use it for the people, balance revenue and expenditure".。The financial component of the actual payment of medical expenses is not large,Its essence is not much different from commercial medical insurance,In the long run,People will pay more and more for their health insurance premiums,In the end, you may not even be willing to "force purchase";Establish a system in which taxes are the main source of payment for basic health care,A health system with socialist characteristics。
  4, Strengthen the construction of community health institutions, direct financial input into the service system, is an effective way to reduce the cost of medical services for the people。
  5, the reform of more than 70% of the existing public hospitals, the subscription of public hospital equity funds are used to supplement the medical insurance fund, joint-stock hospitals as a special tax for for-profit hospitals into the medical insurance fund, which is an effective way to hold, the joint-stock reform of public hospitals is imperative。
  Second, the competition between medical institutions and physicians is more obvious。There is no pressure, no competition, can not provide high-quality medical services, and the current situation is that high-quality resources are not excellent, using the resources of top three hospitals to meet the basic medical services itself is "high consumption" and "extreme waste", which is very inconsistent with the current national strength。
  1, the future of the medical industry, more medical institutions do not rely on the "people's hospital" this sign to eat, but rely on technology and service to ensure competitive advantage, every competitor to maintain an advantage, need a promotion platform, the emergence of medical know-everything just to meet this demand。
  2, the current doctor's labor remuneration has two kinds of performance: one is to do a good job, and the other is to rely on kickbacks and receive red envelopes to reflect the value。In fact, for their part, doctors don't want to do that。In the future, with the emergence of more joint-stock hospitals, doctors will truly realize multi-point practice, and doctors will have more space for practicing。If a doctor wants to reflect his own value, he can achieve it through two aspects: one is to become a well-known doctor, implement price openness, and the other is to see more patients and serve more patients。If doctors want to do this quickly, they must use a rapid promotion platform that the general public is willing to accept, and self-promotion is obviously not the best way。
  Third, the relative surplus of medical human resources。The rapid development of medical industry in recent years,The demand for human resources in medical institutions will enter a slow period,At the same time, the number of medical school graduates keeps growing,New medical graduates in addition to the entrance exam and choose to go to community health institutions,There seem to be few other options (and a glut of medical representatives as a result of policy crackdowns).,Out-of-hospital services and medical and health consultations will gradually take off,Medical consulting is a popular career choice for medical students。
  Fourth, due to the current low credibility of the medical and health care industry, the medical and health consulting industry will become more and more popular with the public, and this industry may experience explosive growth。
  1. People are increasingly questioning the integrity of the medical, sanitation and health care industries,There are not many information channels for ordinary people to know about these industries,At present, the main channels that can be understood are ① books: purchase and access time,And hard to read;② Network services: affected by time, place, and crowd,Service efficiency is low, the authenticity is also mixed;③ Newspapers and magazines: personal pertinence is not strong,Poor timeliness。
  2. There is an increasing need for fast, impartial (credible) and high-quality information in the areas of medical, health (public health, food hygiene) and health care,But this demand is not yet satisfactorily guaranteed,There is no platform to provide efficient, high-quality and fair medical information consulting services,The emergence of medical know-it-alls will change this situation。
  3. Due to the further breakdown of the family and the further narrowing of the friendship environment, it is difficult for people to make friends with people who understand medicine or get traditional health knowledge from parents and relatives, so the younger generation has an increasing thirst for medical, health care and health consultation platforms。      

  4. Characteristics of the future medical and health consulting industry: due to the increase of public health awareness, it is not only for seeking medical treatment, but also for food safety, individual health care, and public health, which means that the scope of public health consultation will be more extensive and the content is more common。
  Fifth, the medical and health consulting industry will become the fastest growing industry in the future medical and health field。In order to promote the development of this industry, we should first actively promote the certification of medical consultants, and promote the establishment of medical consultants industry through the certification system of medical consultants by relevant government departments。With the emergence of the medical consultant profession, it will promote the development of the industry;With the development of the industry, it will truly form an industry。
  At some point in the future, in order to implement the separation of management and management, the national health administrative department will entrust a third party to implement the related matters of medical dispute mediation and medical malpractice identification, and the medical health consulting industry is likely to obtain the right to mediate medical disputes and organize medical malpractice identification。Under the premise that the medical consulting industry is recognized by the government, the medical consulting industry (commonly known as the third industry of the medical industry) will usher in a good opportunity for vigorous development, and the era of every Chinese health consultant (private medical consultant) has come。
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