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Forecast and analysis of the development trend of health industry in 2020
Release time: 2016/11/01
    Recently, the 14th China International Health Industry Expo was held in Beijing, and at the high-end forum of health industry held in the same period, how to share the health industry cake has become the focus of the industry。According to the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Strategy research predicts that by 2020, China's biomedical industry alone will form a pillar industry of about 8 trillion yuan, according to a conservative estimate, by 2020, the potential of the entire health industry will reach about 10 trillion yuan。The reporter noted that not only traditional pharmaceutical companies such as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Jiangzhong Group began to move toward the big health industry, but central enterprises including China Power and China Electronics began to lay out the health industry。 
    More and more companies are investing in the health industry 
    The health industry involves many production and service fields closely related to human health, such as pharmaceutical products, health supplies, nutritional food, medical devices, leisure and fitness, health management, health consultation, and medical tourism。At this year's two sessions, the Central Committee of the Farmers and Labor Party submitted a "Promote the development of health industry to effectively improve people's livelihood.,To cultivate and stimulate the growth point of domestic demand,The proposal believes that the health industry is a complex industry that radiates and drives a wide range of industries, absorbs a large number of employment, and plays a large role in stimulating consumption,It has the function of stimulating domestic demand growth and ensuring and improving people's livelihood 。
    Experts say,Global stock market capitalization is currently in the middle,Health-related stocks account for about 13% of the total market value,In the United States, the added value of health industries such as medical services, pharmaceutical production, and health management accounts for more than 15% of GDP,In Canada, Japan and other countries, the added value of the health industry accounted for more than 10% of GDP。In China, the health industry accounts for only 4 to 5 percent of China's gross national product, which is lower than many developing countries。In developed countries, the proportion is generally more than 15%, and the health industry has become a huge driving force for the development of the entire national economy。 
    More and more enterprises are invested in the health industry, and the health industry is moving from concept to practice。In recent years, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has begun to implement the "Big health industry strategy". In the first half of 2012, it has invested in the establishment of Wanglaoki Big Health Company, expanding to medicinal wine, cosmeceuticals, health products, food, sports equipment and other fields, hoping to increase the sales volume of Wanglaoki brand subordinate products to 50 billion yuan by 2015。The "12th Five-Year Plan" of Jiangzhong Group is to rely on the development strategy of "Chinese medicine food", vigorously develop health products and efficacy foods on the basis of OTC, enter the field of large health industry, step into the fast lane of leap-forward development, and strive to achieve the goal of 10 billion at the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan"。In addition, Double egret Pharmaceutical, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao also actively support the large health industry in the past two years。 
    Traditional pharmaceutical companies such as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Jiangzhong Group have the "proximity advantage" to join the health industry.。It is worth noting that central enterprises such as China Power and China Electronics, which were not related to medicine, have also begun to lay out the health industry。 
    High-end medical projects began to be implemented 
    On April 7, China Power New Energy Development Co., Ltd. held a press conference of CLP New Energy Hainan Project and a seminar on medical and health low-carbon smart city in Boao。Conference disclosure,CLP New Energy will fully support and actively participate in the development and construction of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone,In the next three years, explore the establishment of a "low-carbon island" that conforms to the healthy development of the pilot area.,Screen and introduce top partners worldwide,We will accelerate the implementation of high-end medical projects,Accelerate the engineering design and implementation of landing projects,The first phase of the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has been fully completed。 
    In Huaqiang North business district of Shenzhen, China Electronics First Street, a mall shaped like Noah's Ark is quietly completed。This is the China Electronics Information Industry Group's subsidiary company Shenzhen CLP Investment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Shenzhen CLP) launched the health industry as the theme of the large-scale chain MALL -- "CLP Happiness Mall"。Guo Jian, general manager of Shenzhen CLP Investment Co., LTD., told the Economic Information Daily that the mall is expected to open its doors by the end of this year。 
    Guo Jian said that the mall will introduce domestic and foreign excellent health industry manufacturers and brands, technology release, product display, experience and trading in one, to form a replicable chain of large-scale commercial center, help internationally renowned health products into the Chinese ordinary people's homes, local enterprise health products to the world。 
    In the planning of Shenzhen CLP health industry, "CLP Happiness MALL" will strive to build eight platforms, namely: exhibition, experience, trading platform, professional trade platform, fast logistics platform, enterprise incubation platform, capital financing platform, patent grafting platform, health concept promotion platform, comprehensive supporting service platform。 
    For ordinary consumers, "CLP Happiness MALL" will provide a full range of health services such as consultation, experience and shopping。At that time, consumers can not only experience all kinds of world-renowned health products in the MALL, but also use the mall's Internet of things, cloud technology and other high-tech technologies to establish a "health file" for themselves, or in leisure shopping, free to listen to a "CLP happy Mall health Lecture Hall" health class。 
    Avoid disorderly development and repeated construction 
    Health industry is "blooming everywhere"。In addition to enterprises smelling "business opportunities", more and more cities are also striving to catch up with the "first bus" of the health industry.。According to the reporter, Dongguan has launched the Dongguan International health Industry City project last year, according to the plan, Dongguan International health Industry City completed and put into operation, will directly promote the economic development of Daojiao town, the annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, tax paid more than 1 billion yuan。Chengdu adopted the "Chengdu International Medical City" plan in 2008,According to the plan,到2012年,The Medical City has initially built a core base for medical and health services in central and western China;By 2016,Built into a national health management industry demonstration zone;By 2020,Medical City has been initially built as an international medical tourism destination。 
    In the face of many cities, enterprises began to invest in health industry,Expert advice,A national health industry development plan should be formulated as soon as possible,We will further adjust and improve relevant industrial policies,Build a health industry with reasonable structure, complete categories, high scientific and technological content, strong competitiveness, and meet the multi-level and diversified health needs of the people,Avoid disorderly development and repeated construction,Make it a new growth point for stimulating domestic demand, an important leverage point for strategic adjustment of economic and industrial structure, an important support point for scientific and technological progress and innovation, and an important focus for ensuring and improving people's livelihood。 
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