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Inheritors of traditional culture
Release time: 2017/08/18

Inheritors of traditional culture

2017-08-17 Zheng Fumei

                          Inheritors of traditional culture

  "The holy of Heaven", the world's top ten cultural celebrities, the founder of Confucianism Confucius。He set up private schools to break through the government monopoly and expand the scope of education。Confucius first put forward the concept of "education without class", believing that all people in the world have the right to education。

    Shanghai Mu You Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. invested in establishing the first "Confucius Academy" in Qufu City, Shandong Province, the birthplace of Confucius。

     Qufu was the capital of Lu State in ancient times, known as the "Eastern Holy City" and "Eastern Jerusalem".。North by Taishan, south Zhanfu Yi, east even Surabaya, west to Yanzhou。Beijing-shanghai high-speed railway is the longest high-speed railway in China, which runs through Qufu city from south to north.                               

  When the breeze passes, it brings the fragrance of books。 A line of egrets in the Confucius Institute is in the blue sky, with a magnificent posture, tingling fairy bones, and a little vermilion on the head。The environment of the college is beautiful, the house is sweet, and the whole is integrated, without losing its own elegance, and the house and the surrounding environment coexist harmoniously。With breathtaking views just around the corner, this is the perfect place for spiritual cultivation。Good geographical location, to the company's students and other students in the community to create a good learning environment。Good transportation, giving seekers a wide and generous avenue。

    The company is constantly developing, the number of employees continues to increase, and the company has established a second "Confucius Academy" in Panyu Island, Guangzhou.。Panyu was founded by the First Emperor of Qin33Year (BC)214年),有2200With a history of many years, agriculture is quite distinctive, industry and commerce are developed, it is a treaty port in the past dynasties, the famous "land of fish and rice", and one of the birthplaces of Lingnan culture and Guangdong music。Panyu is located in the central and southern part of Guangdong Province and the central river network area of the Pearl River Delta, facing the Lion Ocean to the east and facing Dongguan City across the ocean.With extensive land and water transportation, it has become an important transportation hub connecting the east and west sides of the Pearl River Delta and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macao and other large and medium-sized cities。2014Panyu District ranked first in China's top 100 districts9名。                                

   Panyu is known as the "hometown of culture"。The three leading artists of the Lingnan school, Gao Jianfu, Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren, Ye Gongchuo, Zhao Shaao, Li Tianma, Mai Huasan and Zhou Qianqiu, Ye Gongchuo, Zhao Shaoang, Li Tianma, Mai Huasan and Zhou Qianqiu, Luo Mingxuan, geologist He Jie and educator Xu Chongqing, all came from Panyu。The "Confucius Institute" is located here, near the mountains and by the water。Surrounded by the Pearl River on all sides, Luoxi Island in the west, Biological Island in the north and Changzhou Island in the east, it faces Pazhou Island where the exhibition Center is located across the river, and has a natural relative independence。The island in the college is picturesque, there are many scenery, there is the original local atmosphere, the people are simple, the ecology is good, the environment is beautiful。

  Why are all major enterprises trying to use traditional culture as their own corporate culture?Gree is doing it!Alibaba is doing it!Huawei is doing it!"Let the world witness love" column group is also doing!!!Our company is growing rapidly and we are using Confucius culture。It is precisely because the corporate culture is equal to the core competitiveness of the enterprise, only by building the core corporate culture can we help the development of the enterprise endure。

  Five thousand years of traditional culture is the core of corporate culture development。

We China is the reason why5000The most important point is that the excellent thought of Chinese traditional culture has been continued, we are the sons and daughters of China, the descendants of the Yellow, since it can govern the country, it will be able to govern the enterprise, self-cultivation, and peace。In particular, the gene of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation flows in our hearts and blood, which is the emotion handed down from generation to generation, so since it is the way of governing the country, it will certainly govern the family, govern the enterprise and cultivate the self。Strengthening the education of employees and improving the quality of their moral behavior will play an important role in promoting the purification of corporate atmosphere and the construction of corporate culture。Filial piety education is an important measure to test a person's moral quality, and it is also the basic education in corporate culture and the core of corporate culture。                                 

  2017Chengdu Shiruida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sincerely invited Mr. Zhu Zhengyao to explain his "A loss is a blessing" at the Confucius Institute.。It might be a blessing in disguise。Let us understand that life, life does not bring, death does not bring, haggling over every ounce, will sacrifice the essentials, often lose more。Because people who can suffer losses, often a life of peace, happiness and calm。Can suffer losses is a kind of realm of life, will suffer losses is a kind of wisdom of doing things。Buddha said: suffer losses never lose, cherish happiness is blessed!After the course, Mr. Wang Guodong, chairman of the company, and Mr. Zhu Zhengyao had a long talk on the application of traditional culture in the company and the impact of traditional culture on the development of the company。

  The traditional culture of an enterprise determines the development path of the enterprise and is also the withdrawal of the traditional cultural value of the enterprise。Enterprise traditional culture plays an important role in the management and development of employees。

   coagulation:The reason why nations can be distinguished from each other is their different customs and different cultural differences, and the reason why countries can be distinguished from each other is the same。It is precisely because of their different cultures that a family, nation, country and an enterprise are closely connected, so that everyone's work, study, life and other things can not be separated from this family, nation, country and enterprise this collective, so that everyone regards themselves as the most important part of the enterprise。

   Stimulating effect:Every enterprise has some excellent or ordinary people, and the culture of the enterprise is to create a cultural atmosphere where everyone is valued and respected。This motivates every employee to keep forging ahead。

  Guiding role: In today's competitive society, if the enterprise does not have a top-down unified goal, it will be difficult to survive and develop in the market competition。Establish a corporate culture, he led the employees to continue to innovate and move forward for the common goals of the enterprise。

  Restraining effect: There is a saying that "no rules can not be radius"。As an organization, an enterprise must not always develop many systems to ensure the normal operation of the company。At this time, the corporate culture becomes an invisible binding force, and the corporate culture transforms this invisible force into a binding force to constrain employees, in order to make up for the deficiencies of rules and regulations。

 The way of a gentleman is four, stronger than doing righteousness, weaker than being remongised, afraid to wait for money, careful to govern the body。----孔子

  The way of heaven and earth: Bo also, thick also, high also, Ming also, leisurely also, long also。----孔子

Heaven and earth without exception, without exception。----孔子


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Heaven and earth set heart, set life for the living people。For the sage to follow the study, for everything to open peace。

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