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Can "Internet + Medical" subvert traditional medical care?
Release time: 2016/11/01
Can "Internet + Medical" subvert traditional medical care
  "Why is the doctor-patient conflict serious in reality, but the network consultation is full of praise??At the NewMed "New Medical" forum hosted by the x-lab Health and Medical Innovation Center of Tsinghua University on June 26, Li Datao, founder of Arterial network, threw out this question。
  Can "Internet + Medical" subvert traditional medical care?
  In the view of Gao Jian, Party secretary of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management, the medical field is increasingly suitable for entrepreneurship。A series of policies that open the online circulation of prescription drugs, allow doctors to practice more than one place, and even the new medical reform all represent the trend of continuous opening up of the medical industry。He boldly predicted that the participation of outsiders will bring about changes in the medical field from technology to business model, and the next decade will see a disruptive change from zero to one in the medical field。

  National policies are gradually relaxed, private capital boom, more and more entrepreneurs into the past medical "siege", the Internet and capital can subvert traditional medical care?
  The entry of capital into the health market will make up for the lack of government power
  Gong Xiaoming, founder of the China Obstetrics and Gynecology Network and a former expert at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, defines the past decade as a "bad decade" for the medical industry - doctors are depressed and overworked, and patients have difficulty seeking medical treatment and poor experience。
  Li Hui, deputy general manager of Aikang Guobin, listed the relevant data: there are 16 doctors per 10,000 people in China, only half of the developed countries;There are only 400,000 non-community doctors among the more than 2 million practicing doctors in China.Only 100,000 of the 600,000 medical graduates are employed in front-line diagnosis and treatment each year, which is not enough to keep up with the growth in demand。
  In Gong Xiaoming's view,Rigid institutions create a vicious circle: administrative barriers prevent the abundant resources outside the walls from meeting tight supply and demand,Monopolies cause high prices and poor services that harm patients,Lack of market competition makes practitioners lack of service awareness,The poor patient experience translates into a strained doctor-patient relationship that ultimately lowers the health care worker's self-identity。
  "The contradiction between the surge in medical demand and the limited medical resources is becoming more and more obvious。Jiang Tianjiao, general manager of the medical network division, believes that there are only two solutions, one is to enter social capital to improve the number of supplies, and the other is to use the Internet to improve medical efficiency。”
  Capital moved on the news。Li Hui believes that capital entering the health care market will make up for the lack of government power。More realistic is the appeal of a huge market: national health spending accounted for 5% of GDP in 2013.57%。The market share of the large health industry is estimated to reach 8 trillion yuan, and the physical examination industry alone is expected to reach 250 billion yuan in the market in 2020。
  Internet medical is even more popular。According to the statistics of the Union of Friends, the current number of active mobile devices in China has reached 10.With 300 million units, the App's next day retention rate of more than 40% also shows better user engagement than other areas。
  Du Zhou, senior analyst of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, predicted that the market size of the mobile medical field will achieve more than 6 times the expansion in 3 years, reaching 20 billion yuan in 2017。In his view, BAT, Ping An, Xiaomi and the three telecom giants have laid out the Internet medical field, which undoubtedly confirms the huge potential of this market。
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