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The large health industry should be included in the national industrial development plan
Release time: 2016/11/01
The large health industry should be included in the national industrial development plan 
New observation of health care industry 
The invasion of chronic diseases, the spread of sub-health, the acceleration of aging, the cultivation of health concepts, the increase of family income...All these make people's social demand for a large health industry covering a wide range of content is increasing day by day。However, compared with the United States, Japan, and even many developing countries, there is a big gap between China's big health industry and it。How can the big health industry develop to meet the needs of China's increasing aging market?How to meet the needs of the masses for health food, health services, medical devices and other aspects through legal norms, government supervision and technical research, and better adapt to social and economic development, there are many discussions in the industry on the above issues。Science and Technology Daily reporter recently interviewed the Chinese health Association vice chairman and Secretary General Xu Huafeng。 
There are unlimited business opportunities for industrial development 
Reporter: You have a deep understanding of the development process of China's health industry, and what aspects do you think the major health industry includes?How is it different from traditional health industry? 
Xu Huafeng: The large health industry refers to the sum of the activities of maintaining health, repairing health and promoting health, such as product production, service provision and information dissemination。Including medical and health products, nutrition and health food, medical and health equipment, leisure and health services, health consulting management and many other closely related to human health production and service fields。Compared with the traditional health industry, the big health industry is not only selling one or a class of products, but providing people with healthy life solutions, thus creating greater business opportunities, which has become the consensus of more and more enterprises。 
Reporter: At present, China's great health industry development compared with the international level of what position?What is the significance of developing a big health industry? 
Xu Huafeng: The health industry accounts for more than 15% of GDP in the United States, and more than 10% of GDP in Canada, Japan and other countries。China's health industry (including health care industry, pharmaceutical industry and health-related industries) accounts for only 4%-5% of GDP, even lower than many developing countries。In our country, the big health industry is still an emerging industry, and there is still a long way to go。 
Although China's medical and health undertakings have achieved remarkable results in recent years, the contradiction that is not adapted to the coordinated development of the public demand and the economy and society is still prominent。It is mainly manifested in the large consumption and overdraft of residents' health resources。For example, the medical cost is high, the medical insurance is not perfect, the expenditure is focused on treatment, the form of chronic diseases is severe, and hundreds of millions of people are in a state of sub-health。The development of large health industry from the perspective of the system to carry out a comprehensive overall planning of the industry, through the initiative of the industry to drive the return of health concept, healthy environment and healthy spirit。 
As an emerging industry and people's livelihood industry, the large health industry is of great significance for adjusting industrial structure, stimulating domestic demand, expanding employment, increasing tax revenue, enhancing people's health, and reducing medical expenses。 
Four major problems restrict industrial development 
Reporter: At present, there is still a certain gap between China's big health industry and the international level, then what problems exist in China's big health industry? 
Xu Huafeng: China's big health industry is still in the early stage of development,There are four main problems: laws and regulations are not perfect,The result can not be relied on,There are no rules to follow;The administrative body is not in place,There is a vacuum in departmental supervision;Traditional ideas get in the way,It affects people's scientific acceptance of modern medical care products and services,Market rational consciousness needs to be strengthened;Weak technical foundation,Insufficient personalized service。 
Tailor-made industrial development planning 
Reporter: What do you think of the development trend of China's big health industry?What efforts should be made to promote the development of this new industry? 
Xu Huafeng: As an emerging industry, the health industry has been developing vigorously in recent years。In 2012, the output value of China's health food industry has reached 280 billion yuan, with an annual increase of more than 15%。Traditional pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones getting into the big health business,Such as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangzhong Group;There are also traditional food businesses,Such as China Food and Commodity Corporation,As well as Anqi yeast, Yanjing beer and other related enterprises, the share of nutrition and health food is increasing;Other central enterprises that have nothing to do with health have also begun to get involved in the big health industry,For example, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone created by China Power, Shenzhen CLP launched a large chain MALL with the theme of health industry "CLP Happiness Mall"。 
In order to further accelerate the development of the big health industry,It is necessary to formulate a national health industry development strategy and medium - and long-term development plan as soon as possible,We will further adjust and improve relevant industrial policies,Build a health industry with reasonable structure, complete categories, high scientific and technological content, strong competitiveness, and meet the multi-level and diversified health needs of the people;Avoid disorderly development, repeated construction and low-level development。 
Specifically speaking, first of all, strengthen policy support。The health industry will be included in the scope of industrial support, and support will be given to strategic emerging industries。When revising the guidance catalogue for industrial restructuring and the catalogue of investment projects approved by the government, we will strengthen guidance and support for the health industry。Secondly, social linkage, each performs his own duties。We will introduce and improve health industry policies and regulations, and clarify the responsibilities, obligations and rights of the government, medical institutions, insurance institutions, social organizations and individuals in health maintenance and promotion。Finally, improve the construction of social organizations, encourage and support industry associations to formulate and implement industry regulations, technical standards, training, etc., to guide and standardize industrial development。Clarify industrial support policies and supporting support in terms of finance, taxation, finance, land and environmental protection。
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