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What will a Healthy China look like in 2030?
Release time: 2016/11/01

The CPC Central Committee and The State Council have issued the outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan.。According to this grand blueprint and action program for the construction of healthy China, what changes will occur in China's health index in 2030?And how these changes will affect public life?The reporter has carried on the analysis and combing。


The average life expectancy will reach 77.3 years in 2020 and 79 years in 2030。The infant mortality rate, the under-five mortality rate and the maternal mortality rate will decrease from 8.1 per thousand, 10.7 per thousand and 20.1 per 100,000 respectively to 5.0 per thousand, 6.0 per thousand and 12 per 100,000 by 2030。By 2030, the health literacy level of the population will increase to 30 percent, and the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will rise from 360 million in 2014 to 530 million。


[Measures] Establish a core information release system for health knowledge and skills, and improve a nationwide health literacy and lifestyle monitoring system。Health education should be incorporated into the national education system, and health education should be regarded as an important content of quality education in all stages of education。We have formulated and implemented national nutrition plans, conducted research on the evaluation of food nutrition functions, and established a sound system for monitoring people's nutrition。By 2030, the smoking rate of people over the age of 15 will be reduced to 20%。Strengthen the early detection and timely intervention of psychological problems in key groups。


By 2030, a network of public sports facilities at the county and village levels will be basically completed, with a per capita sports field area of no less than 2.3 square meters, and a 15-minute fitness circle will be fully covered in urban communities。Ensure that students' daily physical activity time is not less than 1 hour, and by 2030, the school sports facilities and equipment allocation rate will reach 100%。


[Expert Comments] Liu Yuanli, Dean of the School of Public Health, Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences:


At present, there is a gap between average life expectancy and healthy life in China, and chronic diseases show a "blowout" trend。One out of every ten adults in our country suffers from diabetes and one out of every four suffers from high blood pressure, and many people survive with the disease and have a poor quality of life。If only the pursuit of health is equal to medical treatment, without strengthening prevention, it will be difficult to cope with the severe health conditions。The outline of the plan starts with a healthy life, helping people to master scientific health knowledge and skills and develop good living habits, which is the most direct and active response to the challenge of disease。


[Optimize medical resources] By 2030, the health service capacity will be greatly improved, and a high-quality and efficient integrated medical and health service system will be fully established。The number of practicing (assistant) doctors per 1,000 resident population reached 3.0, and the number of registered nurses reached 4.7。


[Planning] Improve the medical and health service system, and ensure that everyone in the province enjoys uniform diagnosis and treatment of critical and difficult diseases and specialized medical services。Comprehensively establish a mature and perfect hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, and form a reasonable medical order of first diagnosis at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, upper and lower linkage, and emergency and slow treatment。


Meng Qingyue, Dean of the School of Public Health, Peking University: Without a sound medical and health service system, the role of medical and health investment and medical security system will be difficult to play, and the people will be difficult to benefit from the development of health and health。To improve the capacity of the medical and health service system, we need to put people first, improve functions, strengthen cooperation and linkage, and promote the integration of the medical and health service system。


Li Bin, Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission: Whether graded diagnosis and treatment can be done well, the key is to solve the masses' trust in primary medical care, mainly the trust in service technology and personnel。In recent years, the state has invested a lot of funds to improve the conditions of primary medical services, including community doctor service centers, township health centers, and village clinics。The biggest difficulty is the lack of talent at the grassroots level, we must adapt to local conditions, start from the actual conditions of various places, and make up for the shortcomings。


By 2030, the national medical insurance system will be mature and complete。The modern commercial health insurance service industry has further developed, and the proportion of commercial health insurance payouts in the total health expenditure has increased significantly。


We will improve a multi-tiered medical security system with basic medical insurance as the mainstay, supplemented by other forms of supplementary insurance and commercial health insurance。We will actively develop commercial health insurance and encourage enterprises and individuals to participate in commercial health insurance and various forms of supplementary insurance。We will further improve the medical insurance mechanism for major and serious diseases, and strengthen the effective linkage between basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents, commercial health insurance and medical assistance。


[Expert Comment] Li Bin, Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission:


Through the medical insurance for employees, the new rural cooperative medical insurance system and the medical insurance for urban residents, China has established a medical security network covering 96.5% of the country。On this basis, the medical security system has been gradually improved through serious illness insurance, commercial insurance, charity assistance, etc., changing the situation of "minor illness, serious illness, etc." in the past。Although the coverage rate of medical insurance has reached more than 95%, the overall level of protection in our country is still not high, and medical insurance should become a conservation-oriented medical insurance。


He Chuanqi, director of the China Modernization Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences: We should put the money to good use, reform the management and payment methods of medical insurance.Improve the policy of medical insurance payment and participation to achieve sustainable balance of medical insurance fund;We will accelerate the settlement of basic medical insurance in different places, and realize the direct settlement of hospitalization expenses in different places across provinces。


The number of days with good air quality in cities at prefecture level and above will exceed 80% in 2020 and continue to improve by 2030。The proportion of water bodies with surface water quality of Class III or better will exceed 70% in 2020 and continue to improve by 2030。By 2030, the Food Safety Risk Monitoring and Foodborne disease Reporting Network will be fully covered。


[Measures] We will comprehensively implement the management of discharge permits for industrial pollution sources, promote enterprises to carry out self-monitoring and information disclosure, establish a discharge ledger, and achieve licensed discharge according to the license。Speed up the elimination of processes, equipment and products with high pollution and environmental risks。We will carry out special efforts to control pollution in industrial agglomeration areas。We will focus on the steel, cement, petrochemical and other industries to upgrade their emissions to meet standards。


We will comprehensively promote standardized and clean agricultural production, carry out in-depth risk assessment on the quality and safety of agricultural products, promote comprehensive treatment of agricultural and veterinary drug residues and heavy metal pollution, and implement a campaign to control veterinary and antimicrobial drugs。We will strengthen guidance and supervision over the origin of food products and improve the market access system for agricultural products。


Rao Keqin, Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Medical Association: At present,Our country is faced with many contradictions and problems, such as economic transformation and "multiple disease burden", population aging and structural changes, ecological destruction and environmental pollution, and environmental health to be improved,It requires us to transform the mode of economic development,Implement the strategic choice of interaction between green development and healthy environment。We should integrate the building of a beautiful China and a healthy China, and mobilize the whole society to jointly create a healthy environment. In all aspects of urban planning, construction and management, people's health is the center, and residents' healthy life and work are ensured, so that healthy people, a healthy environment and a healthy society are organically integrated。


Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Hao Liu Yizhan Wang Sibei


(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Oct. 25)

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