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"Healthy China 2030" plan outline released private medical enterprises said "usher in spring"
Release time: 2016/11/01

Original title: "Healthy China 2030" Plan Outline released private medical enterprises said "ushering in spring"


中新社北京10月27日电 (陈溯)“尽管冬天就要来了,但规划纲要的发布让我们民营医疗企业感受到了春天。Liu Jia, chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Jiamei Oral Medical Group, said in an interview with China News Service。


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council recently issued the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan (hereinafter referred to as the outline), which is the first medium - and long-term strategic plan in the field of health proposed at the national level since the founding of New China。According to the outline, by 2030, China should basically achieve health equity and enter the ranks of high-income countries in major health indicators, with average life expectancy reaching 79 years。


Liu Jia said that the purpose of putting forward health goals in advance is to accelerate the reform through clear goals and quickly benefit the people's livelihood, and in this process, private medical institutions will also get great development opportunities。


According to the outline, in the future, China will form a pattern of diversified medical services, "giving priority to supporting social forces to establish non-profit medical institutions, and promoting and realizing the equal treatment of non-profit private hospitals and public hospitals.。Encourage doctors to use their spare time and retired doctors to practice or open studios in primary-level medical and health institutions。Remove unreasonable restrictions and hidden barriers for social forces to enter the medical field。”


In addition, China's medical reform is also actively promoting the combination of commercial insurance and medical care, the plan is also mentioned again: "enrich health insurance products, encourage the development of health insurance products related to health management services.。Promote the cooperation between commercial insurance companies and medical, physical examination, nursing and other institutions, and develop new organizational forms such as health management organizations。”


Liu Jia said that through the implementation of the above rules, the income of private medical care will increase by one-third, he took Jiamei Oral as an example, it is expected that the profit margin will be at least 6 percentage points higher than before the reform。


"China has a large population and very scarce medical resources, which is also the reason why there are often traffic jams in front of major hospitals in Beijing。Liu Jia pointed out that in order to solve this problem, the force of the market must be mobilized, and in the future, China's medical industry will enter a new stage of "the government sets the stage and the whole society sings the opera"。


In fact, there has been a long debate about how private medical care should participate in medical reform。Tian Yun, secretary general of China Strategic Think Tank, said in an interview with China News Agency,Education and health care are public services,It cannot simply be marketized,The concept of "sharing" is included in the five development concepts of China's 13th Five-Year Plan,This means that China's medical care will be more inclusive,"The nature of the market is profit driven,The consequences of blind marketization are unimaginable。In particular, medical programs that involve the basic safety of people's lives should not be marketized, he said。


Liu Jia said that the development direction of private medical care should not involve life safety, such as dentistry, beauty, health care and other health industries。


For a long time, China's private medical institutions often have a bad image label such as "unreliable", "unsafe" and "many liars"。Liu Jia said that there are indeed some lack of medical ethics in the market, while promoting the marketization of medical services, the program will also incorporate patient satisfaction into the evaluation system of private medical care, will accelerate the elimination of bad private medical institutions, "the market is the most serious teacher.。”(完)

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