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The "Healthy China 2030" was officially launched, and the total scale of the large health industry will reach 16 trillion yuan
Release time: 2016/11/01
The CPC Central Committee and The State Council recently issued the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan.。


The Outline takes "Joint contribution and shared benefits for the health of all people" as its strategic theme,Follow the principles of health priority, reform and innovation, scientific development, equity and justice,Make health a strategic priority for development,Adhere to government leadership,Give play to the market mechanism,We should give priority to prevention, integrate prevention and treatment, attach equal importance to traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and develop in a coordinated manner,We will give priority to rural and community-level development。


People's health has continued to improve。The health of the people has improved significantly, and the average life expectancy will reach 79 by 2030.At 0 years old, the average healthy life expectancy has increased significantly。2. The main health risk factors have been effectively controlled。The people's health literacy has been greatly improved, a healthy lifestyle has been popularized, a healthy working and living environment has basically taken shape, food and drug safety has been effectively guaranteed, and a number of major diseases have been eliminated。


3. Health service capacity has been greatly improved。A high-quality and efficient integrated medical and health service system and a complete national fitness public service system have been fully established, the health security system has been further improved, the overall strength of health science and technology innovation ranks among the top in the world, and the quality and level of health services have been significantly improved。


4. The scale of the health industry has expanded significantly。A healthy industrial system with a complete system and optimized structure has been established, and a number of large enterprises with strong innovation ability and international competitiveness have been formed, becoming pillar industries of the national economy。


Life expectancy (years) 2015:76.342020年:77.32030年:79.0


Infant mortality rate (‰) 2015:8.12020年:7.52030年:5.0


Under-five mortality rate (‰) 2015:10.72020年:9.52030年:6.0


Maternal mortality rate (1 per 100,000) 2015:20.12020年:18.02030年:12.0


The proportion of urban and rural residents who meet the National Physical Fitness Test standard (%) 2015:89.6(2014年)2020年:90.62030年:92.2


Health literacy level of residents (%) 2015:102020:202030:30


Number of people who regularly take part in physical exercise (billion) 2015:3.6(2014年)2020年:4.352030年:5.3


Premature mortality from major chronic diseases (%) 2015:19.1 (2013) 2020:10% lower than 2015 2030:30% lower than 2015


Number of practicing (assistant) physicians per 1,000 resident population (persons) 2015:2.22020年:2.52030年:3.0


Personal health expenditure as a share of total health expenditure (%) 2015:29.32020: around 28, 2030: around 25


Percentage of days with good air quality in cities at prefecture level and above (%) 2015:76.72020: > 802030: Continuous improvement


Proportion of surface water quality at or better than Class III (%) 2015:662020: > 702030: Continuous improvement


Total scale of health service industry (trillion yuan) 2015: -2020: > 82030:16


The second to sixth chapters of the Outline outline a comprehensive and detailed blueprint for the 2030 national health from the aspects of popularizing healthy life, optimizing health services, improving health security, building a healthy environment, and developing the health industry。


Dietary nutrition, tobacco control and alcohol restriction, national fitness, chronic disease prevention and treatment, traditional Chinese medicine health, aging, commercial insurance, pharmaceutical circulation, food and drug safety, air pollution, social medical, wearable devices, medical big data and other industry hotspots of great concern have given the development direction and goals。


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