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The Olympics have given Chinese cupping a boost
Release time: 2016/10/28
  In the Rio Olympic Games, cupping is no longer the exclusive "secret" of Chinese athletes, many foreign athletes have also found the unique charm of this ancient Chinese therapy, have become cupping "fans"。Not everyone is suitable for cupping?What are the time requirements for cupping?Xiaobian for you one by one inventory。
  Rio Olympics Chinese cupping fire
  In China, cupping therapy has a long history and simple operation。Many families have their own cupping equipment, and when they feel a little sore, they pull out a few cans。But in Rio, cupping has become a mysterious eastern medical practice that foreign journalists are scrambling to learn about。
  The BBC did a special programme to explain why athletes were "wearing big dark red round marks".。Reuters reporters took a hard look at the benefits of cupping, and found that its benefits include removing toxins, improving blood flow, relieving soreness, and even treating insomnia。[详细]
  American Olympic athletes love cupping The big Thumbs upHealth tips
  Phelps led the US team to win the men's 4x100m freestyle relay on his debut in Rio on Tuesday。Foreign media also noticed the "circular bruises" on his neck, shoulders and back, which were actually red marks caused by cupping。It turns out that many American athletes, such as gymnast Alex Naddour or swimmer Natalie Coughlin, use cupping to combat muscle fatigue。[详细]
  Cupping glassGo abroad Became a favorite therapy for American Olympic gymnasts
  On the gymnastics field,Many U.S. Olympic athletes have a red circle on their shoulders,These are the marks of cupping therapy,Us gymnast Alex Nador posted a photo of himself using cupping on his Instagram account,He also gushed to USA Today about cupping: "It's my secret weapon to keep me healthy this year,It works better than any other treatment I've ever paid for。”[详细]
  Expert: Cupping can relieve muscle tension
  Wuhan gymnastics diving swimming sports management center specially hired team doctor, traditional Chinese medicine family Ye Jing said in an interview,Team doctor for all levels of Chinese sports teams,Most of them majored in traditional Chinese medicine or sports medicine,They usually follow sports teams or athletes,Deal with injuries as they arise,And at the end of the training through physical massage, acupuncture, cupping, electrotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine hot compress and other ways to relax,Relieve muscle tension,Eliminate fatigue。[详细]
  Note: Not everyone is suitable for cupping
  First of all, people with heart disease, skin disease, blood disease, various infectious diseases, and the elderly who are particularly weak are best to use this method with caution。People with low blood pressure can not cupping, so as not to aggravate the original disease;Secondly, diabetic patients try not to stab blood cupping, otherwise the skin is not easy to heal, easy to be complicated with other inflammation。In addition, when cupping, do not face the air conditioner or fan outlet to prevent the invasion of wind evil。More importantly, pregnant women and menstruating women should not be easily cupping, so as not to aggravate symptoms, and even cupping may cause threatened abortion in pregnant women。[详细]
  Practical: How can cupping learn time control
  Generally speaking, the time from morning to noon belongs to the stage of the rise of the Yang of the human body, and at this time, if cupping is more helpful to its own moisture regulation, it is recommended to go to the hospital for cupping between 9 am and 12 am。
  Cupping time varies according to cupping size, material and negative pressure。It is usually recommended that the tank time in summer be controlled at about 10 minutes, and the tank can be kept for 15 to 20 minutes in winter。[详细]
  Detail: The meaning of cupping mark
  Pot print purple black: After pulling the pot, the pot print left on the body surface is purple black, which indicates that the patient has blood stasis or cold accumulation in the body, and the pot print does not return for a few days indicates that the disease has been a long time。
  Pot print purple and black accompanied by ecchymosis: The pot print with purple and black accompanied by ecchymosis is generally in the friend's body has the situation of Qi and blood obstruction, cold coagulation blood stasis。
  Pot mark lavender accompanied by plaque: If the pot mark left after cupping is found to be lavender in color and accompanied by plaque, it is mostly indicated that the deficiency syndrome is mainly accompanied by plaque, and pot mark lavender accompanied by plaque indicates that the deficiency syndrome has blood stasis。
  Pot print scattered in purple spots: If the pot print is found to be scattered purple spots after cupping, the depth is different, generally more suggestive of qi stagnation and blood stasis。
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