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Traditional Chinese medicine health will be included in primary and secondary school textbooks, the era of universal health care is coming!
Release time: 2017/03/15

Traditional Chinese medicine health will be included in primary and secondary school textbooks, the era of universal health care is coming!

      An industry into primary and secondary school textbooks, have you seen?At present, the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, food health and so onTraditional Chinese medicine health care techniquesInto our middle school students' class。
    Traditional Chinese medicine health care ushered in a historic change - sponsored by the Innovative Talent Education Research Association and the China Maternal and Child Health Association,The "Chinese Medicine Culture into Campus Principals Seminar" co-organized by the Research Institute of Innovative Methods, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, and the Joint General School of Renmin University of China High School officially entered the campus,This is the implementation of the "Outline of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2030)" proposed to "promote traditional Chinese medicine into schools, communities, villages, and families.,The basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine will be incorporated into the traditional culture, physiological health curriculum of primary and secondary schools,A major initiative to raise public health awareness。At present, Beijing, Liaoning and other places have started pilot work。


Cultural confidence is the soul of a country and the root of a nation。Traditional Chinese medicine is the quintessence of our country,Among them, acupuncture, massage, meridians health care, fire therapy, cupping, moxibustion, food health care and other health care techniques are national treasures left by the ancestors,But there are a lot of people,Scholars, including those with higher education and overseas students, do not believe in TCM health preservation,Have a rudimentary knowledge of Chinese medicine,Even superstitious Western medicine,Anti-chinese medicine,And form ingrained ideas。

A person without cultural self-confidence is like sending "arms" to another country to attack his own nation。Successive leaders have attached great importance to the exploration, development and inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine:



President Hu stressed that "by combining the achievements of the development of biotechnology with the precious medical wealth accumulated by our nation, we will be able to achieve a new leap forward."。

In recent years,The executive meeting of The State Council and the National Health and Health Conference have repeatedly emphasized,We should protect, pass on and develop traditional Chinese medicine, which was left to us by our ancestors,Efforts to realize the creative transformation of traditional Chinese medicine health culture, promulgation of traditional Chinese medicine legislation, and vigorously promote the rise of traditional Chinese medicine health care treatment of terminal diseases as a national strategy,To better benefit human health。

The pace of history is moving forward, and the country is fully aware of the importance of traditional Chinese medicine culture and the seriousness of the public's lack of correct understanding of traditional Chinese medicine health。Universal education starting with children,Promote the cause of traditional Chinese medicine from the bone,Avoiding excessive superstition in Western medicine,Enhanced cultural confidence,Breaking down deeply held beliefs,Opened a new era of traditional Chinese medicine health,It has also fundamentally changed the public's perception of TCM health care,Gradually improve the social status of health care practitioners,It is believed that an era of universal health care in which the doctor is himself is coming。

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